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Darby, Florida

My practice is situated at the point where ideas about water, memory, and video converge. Although I work primarily in installation, my work behaves like a blurry home video – fragmentary in nature and earnestly put together. I actualize space through the creation of different environments, loosely reminiscent of the play areas I created as a child in the woods of North Florida; every year marked by the devastation of hurricanes.

I am curious about the multilayered relationship between objects and these environments. Proposing that, while objects themselves reside in space- they also contain it, functioning as placeholders for experience. In today’s simultaneous present, I am investigating why we place value on one thing and not another; the flood as a metaphor for inevitable change; how one resets or restarts after devastation; water as it reflects the psyche; and childhood play/creation as something that is ritual and sacred. Underlying these themes is the motivation to recycle and reuse materials – thus continuing their lifespan— in a time when awareness of our impact on this earth is urgent.

At the end of each installation, everything is swept away, returned to its previous state. Like after a flood, I am forced to restart.