Enveloped by
boundaries of the mundane
commonplace actions
mechanized reactions
they glide through
they live in

In an era of monotony, fenced in by those who fall victim to ignorance, creativity is an experience of the real, “the humanness” of our existence. Through the generation of art, I aim to bridge the gap of disengagement that has become so customary among us, allowing for access to raw thoughts, intimate feelings and experiences- unadulterated by the outside world.

A wavering line,
like hairline cracks
in an arid desert
I run
up walls
of a handmade coffee cup
teeming with liquid
spilled onto crisp pages

As a painter who begins with a vague inspiration, I empty abstracted meditations onto canvas until a mindmap unfolds, forming a “structured chaos” that continuously gets resolved with the course of action. This disorder manifests itself in scattered logic; the resolution is revealed through the product of painting. My works embrace letting go of a concrete idea and accepting chance. There is a strong focus on intuition, method, and a conquering of formal and mental obstacles while exploring materiality, color, opacity and transparency - elements that have vital niches in my oeuvre. Application is a tool used to create presence, while color is associated with emotion; opacity devises barriers, whereas transparency lets the audience in, hinting at what could be. Furthermore, the study of behavior and mind influences the processes and outcomes of my current exploration. What is inaccessible to the conscious mind but that affects behavior and emotions, and that which we are painfully aware of and sensitive to both inform a passionate investigation of the self.

Torrential downpour
flows through
of a shattered window
aimlessly trying
the humdrum thoughts
our pretty heads

Through the immediacy of painting I engage in a search for answers, with both thought process and artistic method. Fluid and elusive, paint is easily altered; almost always in a state of ambiguity- primed for impulsivity and not a stranger to change. Flawed marks compete with precise lines, and layers of oil paint invite touch and intimacy. Despite a romance with oils, mixed media has found its way into my repertoire recently, alongside ceramic sculpture. Chalk pastel, paper, unstretched canvas and fragments of material represent a diversity of thoughts, a split attention among the comfort that is paint. With different components come contrasting messages; freedom accompanies the ease of pastel, crumpled tracing paper conveys roughness. On the other hand, clay welcomes feeling to be experienced and interpreted with a novel perspective, as it bends, twists and dances in ways that paint can only dream of.

Do not
close the blinds

Like residue that can’t be easily washed off, I strive to leave the viewer with a sensation of intrigue; nothing overtly said, rather a mood evoked. These works live in a space of in-between, in an “idea”; to some there will be recognizable elements, to others nothing at all (neither are wrong). Intuitive creating enables this art to be undefined, my practice allowing for a continuous experience- one that is always learning, evolving and maturing as I myself unfold as a human through personal ventures while offering a means for others to relate to. As I put brush to surface my thoughts are cleansed and my excesses diffused, freeing me up for new speculations. Left behind is an invitation to share in the experience: the repressed stories camouflaged beneath each brush stroke, the complex emotions tucked deep within a color, reminding each viewer that they too are human.